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When a "pad" is graded for use as a building site, most cities/counties usually require the owner or contractor to obtain "pad certification," which must include a statement that the pad is "suitable for the intended use."


It is our intention the following steps must be completed before a building pad can be certified:


A soils investigation must be performed by a soils engineer. Preliminary soils report with recommendations for grading and for foundation design, must be submitted to the city/county. This must be done before any grading is performed and is typically required before a permit can be issued.


A soils engineer must observe the grading operation and test soils during and at the conclusion of the grading process (and during footing excavation if deemed necessary by the soils engineer).


An interim or final report, signed by a licensed soils engineer, must be submitted to the County in order for the footing inspection to be approved. The report must state that a soils investigation was completed. The grading was observed and tests were performed by the soils engineer and that the recommendations contained in the preliminary soils report were followed. The report must also conclude that, to the best of the soils engineer's knowledge, based on all of the proceding, the pad is suitable for its intended use (i.e. to support a building).


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